Beautiful Wrought Iron Art

Three generations of the Mora Family have handed down the art and science of creating beautiful metalwork.  The tradition started in Cuba in the 1940’s when a man named Mora blended the influences of his Spanish heritage  with an irrepressible spirit to preserve an artistic technique.  Today those time-honored skills have been passed down the generations where they are now combined with the latest science & equipment.  Mora Iron Art is owned and managed by that man’s grandson, Lazaro Mora, who creates highly sought after, hand crafted wrought iron (& other metal) pieces that can be seen in many of the Art Deco hotels throughout South Florida.  Lazaro and his team design & fabricate all styles of wrought iron, aluminum, stainless steel & other metals into beautiful furniture and architectural elements for homes & commercial buildings.  His work includes the creation of outrageously beautiful staircases, doors, railings, balconies, gates, trellises, awnings and more.

If you’re building a new home or building or just remodeling a structure, consider what metal work can do to enrich the beauty and increase the value of your property.  Call for a complimentary estimate today 305-259-0410.

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